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Finances in the New Year

Since most of us are probably pretty broke after holiday expenses, here are some money expressions in German that are good to know!


Ich hätte zweihundert Schlösser und wär' nie mehr pleite [Umgangssprache].

I would have two hundred castles and would never again be broke.

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The word pleite is slang, but if you are seriously pleite, you wind up thus:


Jetzt sind wir bankrott,

Now we are bankrupt,

obwohl, äh, wir zehn Jahre lang [Geld] gespart haben.

even though, uh, we've saved money for ten years.

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The holidays aren't getting cheaper every year, that's for sure. At some point they always start costing money (ins Geld gehen):


Sollte es länger dauern,

Should it take longer,

dann geht es aber auch irgendwann mal ins Geld.

then at some point, however, it will also start costing money.

Captions 28-29, Endlich glücklich - Liebe im Netz

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And on this, we can all agree:


Zeit ist Geld und Geld ist gut.

Time is money and money is good.

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Not forgetting, of course, that:


Geld allein ist nicht alles.

Money alone isn't everything.

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Since after all, the holidays should remind us not to forget that love is the most important thing of all!


Zeigt die Liebe allen Wesen, die da atmen.

Show the love to all beings that breathe there.

Caption 18, Cosma Shiva Hagen - So trägt man Pelz

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Further Learning:

Do a search on Yabla German for financial expressions in English and see in what context they are used in German. For a bit of cheer, see what kind of expressions a search for die Liebe brings up. Happy New Year from all of us at Yabla!


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