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Winter Sports

In many German-speaking countries, winter sports are a popular pastime this time of year. The mountainous areas of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the region of South Tyrol in Italy are all popular destinations for skiing, snowboarding, and other activities. 



Was ist denn Ihre Lieblingswintersportart?

What is your favorite type of winter sport then?

Caption 42, Deutsche Sporthilfe - Ball des Sports

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The nouns and verbs for many winter sports are quite easy to remember. The nouns Das Schlittschuhlaufen ("ice skating"), das Skifahren ("skiing"), and das Snowboardfahren ("snowboarding") correspond directly to the verb constructions Schlittschuh laufen  ("to ice skate"/"to go ice skating"), Ski fahren ("to ski"/"to go skiing") and Snowboard fahren ("to snowboard"/"to go snowboarding"). 


„Frederick, was ist Schlittschuhlaufen?"

"Frederick, what is ice skating?"

Caption 3, Piggeldy und Frederick - Schlittschuhlaufen

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Ich fahr' eigentlich auch total gerne Schlittschuh.

I actually also really like to go ice skating.

Caption 3, Diane - auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

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Ich selber bin jahrelang Snowboard gefahren,

I, myself, snowboarded for years,

ähm, in den Alpen, äh, in Europa in der Schweiz.

um, in the Alps, uh, in Europe, in Switzerland.

Caption 8, Longboarding - mit Lassrollen

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Ähm, ich fahre relativ gerne Ski und fahre gerne Snowboard.

Um, I like to ski, more or less, and I like to snowboard.

Caption 51, Deutsche Sporthilfe - Ball des Sports

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Further Learning
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